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Electrocutango is considered one of the most dynamic, original and audacious expressions of the new tango movement. Their sound can be identified as tango with an electronic update, rather than electronica with ”exotic seasoning”. The music has a distinct identity based on tanguero musicianship with an original approach to fusions with anything from Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, RnB, DnB, jazz or contemporary music.

Behind Electrocutango is the norwegian pianist and composer Sverre Indris Joner. Some lovestories never end. We have all heard what is needed to keep it alive, the little extra. And what happens if you neglect it… That´s bandleader Sverre Indris Joner s relation to argentine tango. After the first crush real love take over. He early began to play and compose music with emphasis on the latin genres. He writes music for everything from contemporary ballet and theatre to chamber music & film-music. His tango passion also take symphonic forms and he recently released a symphonic tango record with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK) where some of Electrocutango´s pieces are given an orchestral interpretation.

  • Sverre Indris Joner – piano, keyboard, programming.
  • Odd Hannisdal – violin
  • Steinar Haugerud – double bass
  • Andreas Rokseth – bandoneon
  • Andreas Bye – drums


Kulturkræsj: Electrocutango

Tor 10. feb
kl. 20:00